“Fashionable Friday” – True Beauty is Ageless

Most women believe that as they get older, their beauty will slowly fade. What they don’t know, however, is that true beauty is ageless.  With just a little fashion savvy and a positive self-image, all of us can learn to have confidence in our appearance despite the changes that will come as we pass from one life stage to another.  Unfortunately, we sometimes get stuck in a fashion rut that keeps us from reaching our full potential as beautiful women. 


But, the good news for women everywhere is that factors such as age, weight, and income don’t have to dictate how fashionable we can make ourselves.  The most important lesson for women to learn is that no one is perfect!  We all have issues…but we can overcome most of them by taking care of ourselves and dressing for the body we have now – not for the one we had fifteen years ago.  The secret to success is to spend  energy learning how to enhance positive assets, not wasting energy stressing over seemingly hopeless outcomes.


For instance, lines, color, and texture will prove to be friends if they are used correctly.  For instance –


  • A vertical line will add length to the body while a horizontal line will add width.

So, a blouse or tee with vertical stripes instead of horizontal stripes would give a more slimming effect.

  • Choosing the right colors will create optical illusions that will either make your body look bigger, thinner, or better than it is.  Monochromatic colors slenderize.  Light and bright colors should only be worn on the smallest body parts.  Darker colors play down the pounds – that is why most of us look better in dark pants or skirts and lighter shirts and tees.
  • Choosing the right color for skin coloring is extremely important.  Wearing the right color can minimize wrinkles, brighten eyes and cheeks, and make us more attractive.  An appointment with a Certified Color Analyst is important to find out whether you have cool or warm skin undertones and to discover what your best and worst colors are. 
  • Some textures add weight to the figure while some slenderize.  For instance, fuzzy, tweedy, and shiny fabrics will tend to add weight.  Smooth, fine knits that fit close to the body are unforgiving when it comes to bulges or “spare tires” around the middle.  Subsequently they should be worn on the smallest body parts.  On the other hand, natural materials such as, cotton, wool, silk, and linen are appropriate for every body type. 


Body type assessment (triangle, inverted triangle, round, straight, etc.) is another important visual element that will help in choosing the right clothing to enhance your natural beauty.  Below are a few strategies to help keep you focused on your next shopping trip:


  1. Think “simple.”  In other words, don’t choose pieces that are too fussy.
  2. Keep up with current trends by being subtle and accessorizing with items such as jewelry, purses, or shoes instead of making the mistake of making the entire outfit “trendy.”  This practice also saves money!!
  3. Dress for the size you are NOW!
  4. Remember that you will never go wrong by choosing monochromatic colors (as long as they are in your color palette).  They look good on everyone.
  5. Don’t worry about what size the tag says you are.  Go by the fit of the garment.  Sizes will vary from designer to designer anyway.
  6. Choose quality over quantity. Fewer, more expensive pieces will last longer and make a bigger statement.
  7. Never let a salesperson talk you into something you know isn’t right for you.  Go with your gut instinct. 


All in all what you wear will reflect your individuality and project the most positive image for you.  So next time you put an outfit on ask yourself  “Do I feel happy and confident in this?”  If you have done your homework, then the answer should be a positive one!!


Erin Sharplin Love









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