“Manic Monday” – Organizing Your Cleaning Supply Closet

Closet full of cleaning tools

Every Sunday is “cleaning day” for me and I realized yesterday that my cleaning supply closet may have been the most disorganized spot in my house.  So I decided to organize it!  Let me share with you what I did:

1.  First things first!  I removed everything from the closet and in the process found a few things that didn’t really belong in the broom closet. 

2.  I took the few things that did not belong in the broom closet to their rightful places. 

3.  Alot of cleaning products come in boxes and I don’t like boxes.  You can’t see how many of the item you have.  For instance, I took everything out of boxes that is individually wrapped or is not toxic – like swiffer duster sheets.  I replaced the boxes with baskets. That way I can see what I have and I will know when I need to replace something. 

4.  I keep light bulbs in my broom closet, so I took each bulb out of their boxes, as I did in the previous step, and put them in labelled baskets. 

5.  I united all of the cleaning items I use into a carrying case that I can  pick up and carry from room to room with me. 

6.  I placed all extra items, such as, bulk items for refills in a seperate spot that is easy to get to. 

7.  When I organize a broom closet for a client I typically purchase a “broom/mop organizer” but I didn’t have one yesterday so I had to improvise.  I screwed some hooks into the walls and on the door of the closet that I found in my husbands shop.  Then I hung all of my brooms,mops, swiffer dusters, etc. onto those hooks to save floor space. 

Now next Sunday it will be so much easier to clean!!  I am not dreading it as much as I usually do! 

Happy Cleaning!

Erin Sharplin Love


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