“Terrible Tuesday” – Pet Etiquette

We, as humans, are often looked upon discriminatingly if we don’t follow certain rules of etiquette, but do you realize that our pets are looked upon discriminatingly if they don’t follow certain rules of etiquette, too?  It is up to us, as pet owners, to teach our pets how to act so they will get the respect they deserve.   And it is just as imperative for us, as pet owners, to follow our own set of pet etiquette rules. 

1.  Never let you pet use the restroom in someone elses yard – unless you are willing to pick it up. 

2.  If you happen to have a dog who is barking in the middle of  the night, remember that he/she may be waking up the neighbor…not just you.  Bring your doggie inside if possible. 

3.  If you are planning on going somewhere, always check to make sure they allow pets.  For instance, I happened to have my dog, Prada, with me when I needed to run into a boutique for a moment and didn’t want to leave her in the car.  I first went inside and asked the owner if he minded if I brought her inside and he said “no, he didn’t mind!” 

4.  I should’ve made this tip #1!!  ALWAYS KEEP IDENTIFICATION ON YOUR PET!    This may mean life or death for your pet. 

5.  I know this tip is easier to say than to do, but if you have a large dog try to teach him or her not to jump up on your guests.  I love animals, but I don’t like for a huge dog to jump on me.  I prefer for them to wait to be petted. 

Well, hopefully, these tips will help you and your pet gain the respect you both deserve!  You never know, your well-behaved pet might inspire someone else to adopt a pet in need of a good home. 

Erin Sharplin Love


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