“Topsy-Turvy Thursday” – Do you know your best colors?

Over the years, there have been doubts over the concept of “color analysis.” Color analysis is performed on a person to determine which colors enhance his/her looks and which colors are not flattering.  In the 1980’s, Carole Jackson, a professional color consultant, wrote a book devoted to color analysis called “Color Me Beautiful.”  Many men and women began to swear by Jackson’s theory that every person fits into one of four “seasons” – winter, summer, autumn, or spring. 


These days the color analysis theory seems to have been thrown out the window.  This demise probably stemmed from the fact that many people got analyzed by non-professional color consultants.  It really does take a “trained” eye to correctly determine a person’s best and worst colors. 


As a color analyst who was trained and certified at the Academy of Fashion and Image in Scottsdale, Arizona, I believe in the basics of Jackson’s theory, but I do not believe that every person will fit into one of the four seasons exclusively.  Rather, I think that most people will fall into either the “cool” color palette or the “warm” color palette.  Those people who fit into the cool color palette will have pink undertones to their skin; whereas, those people who fit into the warm color palette will have yellow undertones.  Occasionally a person will exhibit both pink and yellow undertones to the skin. In the final analysis, however, everyone will have colors that look best and colors that aren’t flattering at all. 


If a person is wearing his/her best colors, he/she will appear vibrant and healthy and will get more compliments, leading to a positive self-image.


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