“Terrible Tuesday” – Driving Etiquette

I am on the way to Shreveport with my parents for some shopping and some family time and I was sitting here thinking about what I am going to write about for my etiquette post and it hit me…Driving Etiquette! We so often hear about how to conduct ourselves in the business world, at the dinner table, and in our social life, but we rarely hear, much less, even think about how to conduct ourselves while driving a car!  So read below for my tips on driving etiquette:

  • Road rage is never a good idea! – Even I have occasional bouts of road rage, so I understand how hard it may be to tame this tiger!  But, just think about it.  What does it help to get yourself worked up like that?  Absolutely nothing.  So take a deep breath and relax.  You never know who will see you cussing up a storm or riding someone’s tail. 
  • Try not to honk your horn too much – Give the other drivers a chance to react to the changed red light.  Some people are slower to react than others and sometimes our minds wander!  If it is evident that the person in front of you is absolutely not paying attention it is ok to lightly tap the horn to alert them.  Do not lay on your horn.  It’s rude.
  • When someone lets you out in front of them wave at them!  I can’t stress this enough!  I hate it when I let someone out and they do not thank me with a wave.  Again…it’s extremely rude! 
  • And vice versa, if you have the chance to let someone out, be kind to them.  Nothing is ruder than blocking someone into a street or parking lot. 

Remember that you never know who will see you when you are not applying the rules above!  🙂  road-rage

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