“Manic Monday” – Office Organization

The theme of my Monday posts – “Manic Monday” – seems perfect for most Mondays!  Especially mine!  To keep the “manicness” (I know that’s not a word!) to a minimum you need a little organization.  Today I will show you a couple of pics of a recent office organization I did.  Hopefully you will be able to pull some inspiration from it. 


This is the office before I organized it!  There was really no rhyme or reason to the order of the supplies and the boxes of envelopes, etc. were not pleasing to the eye, so it made the area look even more cluttered and messy.  This client also didn’t have a filing system that worked very well.  The papers ended up piling up in the stack of trays that were at the corner of the desk.  This client also had a good many cards that were saved for special occasions.  I think it is a great idea to purchase greeting cards so you will have them when someone passes away, for example, or a birthday slips up on you.   However, there are many ways to keep so many cards in an organized way.


This is the office after I organized it!  As you can see everything clearly has a space it’s own.  Everything is labelled so they are easy to find at a moments notice.  All paper boxes were replaced with a storage container of some sort.  It is much easier on the eye, so therefore, the space looks cleaner and more organized.  I created a “greeting card center” of sorts for this client by filing each type of card in a seperately labelled hanging folder inside of a clear filing box.  Now this client can go card shopping in her own office!  There are files for sympathy cards, holiday cards, birthday cards, thank you cards, etc.  They are exremely easy to find now!  Another change I made to this office was that I placed all of the copy paper and other copy machine, fax supplies, over the fax/copy machine.  Now they are immediately accessible when this client needs to add paper to the machine, for instance. 

Any of the above organizational systems can be applied to your own office.  If you have any comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!


Erin Sharplin Love


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