“Fashionable Friday”: Must-haves for your jewelry box

As a Fashion and Image Consultant I often have clients who have way too much trendy jewelry and/or way too little mainstays in their jewelry box.  So with that in mind, I came up with a list of jewelry items that every woman should have in her jewelry box:

  1. Diamond stud earrings (real or faux) – Diamond earrings are so classic that they look good with absolutely everything in your closet from your scrubs to your little black dress
  2. Medium sized silver and gold hoop earrings – “Medium-sized” is around 1 to  2 inches in diameter and they aren’t too large nor are they too small.  They are the perfect size to be seen, but they will not be overbearing.
  3. A cocktail ring (real or faux) – A cocktail ring will add style to any of your dressier pieces.  There is just something about a cocktail ring that oozes “panache!” 
  4. Bold earrings – There is always an instant when there is no need for a necklace.  In those cases it is a great idea to let your earrings do the talking. 
  5. Two strands of pearls (long and short) – Pearls are appropriate for every situation from a wedding to a dinner date but some outfits call for the trendier long strand of pearls.  This picture demonstrates how timeless pearls are!  This is Hedy Lamarr, an actress from the 1930’s! 
  6. A bracelet style watch – A bracelet style watch is much dressier than the typical leather strap watch and therefore can take you from the board room to the country club with ease.
  7. Bangles – I love bangles!  Whether you wear one at a time or pile them on you will look instantly stylish! 
  8. A trendy long necklace – Everyone needs a fun, long necklace in their jewelry box.  As with the bangles, a long necklace will add instant style to an otherwise boring outfit.  This outfit, for instance, wouldn’t look as stylish without this long necklace!

Well, now I guess it’s time for you to go shopping!  Have fun!

Erin Sharplin Love


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