Five Fashion Rules That Should NEVER Be Broken

As a fashion consultant I always run in to men and women who have trouble expressing their style because they have found themselves stuck in the horrible cycle of wearing “fashion don’ts.”  So in an attempt to keep you out of that category I thought I would share my top five rules that should never be broken:

  1. Never have visible panty lines, aka VPL.  – Nothing takes away from an outfit more than when you turn to walk away from someone and WOA!…panty lines!  An individuals eyes will automatically go to your backside no matter what, especially if you have VPL!  My suggestion is to wear thongs or go pantyless.  If you choose to go pantyless they have these new items that are kind of like panty liners, but they go inside of your clothing instead of your panties. 
  2. Never wear a trend from head to toe – You will look like you are trying too hard.  Instead, work trends in with accessories.
  3. Never bare too much skin – Have you ever heard the saying “leave a little to the imagination?”  Miniskirts and mid-driff baring shirts aren’t for anyone over the age of thirty, in my opinion.  Now let me clarify by saying that a woman can wear a miniskirt if she also wears tights – in certain situations.  See the picture at the right.  French Connection Tinsel Pleated Twill Skirt with Belt
  4. Always wear a bra unless a bra is sewn in to your clothing –  I don’t care how great it looks on Kate Moss, it will not look that great on you or ME! 
  5. Always try to keep up with the style.  You will stand out (in the wrong way) if you walk around in your hippie clothing and/or 80’s clothing right now!  Staying up with the style doesn’t mean you have to be “trendy.”  You should strive to be “current.”

I hope those tips help you!  If you guys have any more suggestion for fashion don’ts please feel free to comment!!! 

Thanks for reading.

Erin Sharplin Love

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