Bad Etiquette?

As an etiquette instructor I have run in to some unusual sayings for things, such as:

“I need to make a drop off” – when someone has to go to the restroom

“My aunt is visiting” – when a woman is menstruating

“I’m going to talk to the big white telephone” – when someone has to throw-up

“I’ve got a turtle head” – (I’m not going to explain that one!) Thanks “Fat Bastard” for that one! 

But I have never heard the saying “The chocolate stork is about to pay me a visit!”   Am I the only one who hasn’t heard this saying?!?!  I don’t know were people come up with this stuff but I can say for sure that it definitely doesn’t follow ANY etiquette rule! 

If you have to relieve any sort of bodily function, please keep it to yourself. 

Erin Sharplin Love

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