Great New Website for Wine Lovers!!

Sometimes I run into websites that I love and I want to share them with someone!  This website is one of them –

This website offers wine at a discounted price!  They buy wine that for some reason or the other has been “damaged” or “discontinued” but the wine inside of the bottles is completely unharmed!  For intance, they sell bottles that were next to another bottle when it shattered on the floor and thus acquired some splatter.  Or they will carry wines from companies that changed their logo and discontinued their old labels.  In other words, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the wine at all! 

I just bough 6 bottles of a mix of red and white wine for $68!  I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes, but in the meantime check out their website!! 

Let me know if you buy some and what you think!

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