Recent Outfit Coordination

This past weekend I did an outfit coordination for a client and I wanted to share a couple of the pictures from it with everyone!  Hopefully it will give you some ideas of how to mix and match your clothing to make new outfits! By the way,  “mixing and matching” is the cover story for the winter issue of Panache Magazine!  I will give lots of tips and tricks on how to maximize your wardrobe by mixing and matching.  I hope you guys like it!! 

img_1038I don’t like button-up shirts worn alone!  They tend to look too conventional to me and I don’t find anything “stylish” about “conventional.”  Purely my opinion, but don’t you think this button-up looks so much better paired with a wrap sweater?  This outfit is perfect for a casual day of work or any other similar situation!  If you need to be a tad dressier throw on a little skirt or pants! 

img_10551I love mixing different shades of the same color!  It looks awesome!  You can wear your favorite color if you don’t like green!  The same theory applies!  Notice that I didn’t get too matchy matchy by using shoes in a bone shade instead of green.  I also used gold jewelry to even the tones out.  Silver just wouldn’t have looked right!  I also mixed fabrics in this outfit!  The shirt is a silk shirt and the outerwear is a sweater!  Don’t be afraid to mix textures, fabrics, and patterns!  It gives depth to the outfit. 

Check out the winter issue of Panache Magazine to get more great tips on mixing and matching!

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