Fashion Photo Shoot

I just completed the fashion photo shoot for the winter issue of Panache Magazine and I wanted to share a few of the pics with you.  I have decided to do something a tad bit different with these fashion pages and I really hope all of my readers like it!  My initial goal of the fashion pages was to help my readers maximize their wardrobe by learning how to mix and match.  Somehow I let myself veer off of that goal.  For the upcoming issue of Panache Magazine I went in to my models closets and found one item that they had no idea how to mix and match in to their current wardrobe and created two different outfits for them from that one piece.  I know that at least three of the four models have already worn one of the outfits I put together and they loved it!  I am so happy I could help! 

Oh and I definitely want to thank Patty Stewart Photography for always taking such awesome pics and Kata from Salon Beau Monde for creating beautiful hair, and Cindy from Merle Norman for doing fabulous makeup! 

Please check out the winter issue of Panache Magazine when it is released on December 15th.  Or go to to learn more now.  🙂


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